30m 100ft Expandable Garden Magic Hose Pipe / 22FK016

30m 100ft Expandable Garden Magic Hose Pipe / 22FK016

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  • Easy to install, this nozzle water lever spray gun can be mounted in seconds
  • Flexible hose connector is constructed of fiber material
  • The gun nozzle water lever spray is made of solid fiber body-plated
  • Used to wash vehicles or water your garden and even as a fire-fighting tool
  • Durable gun water spray is ideal for garden watering and vehicle cleaning

THE EXPANDABLE HOSE is a revolutionary hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its original length when the water comes in and automatically contracts back to its original length when the water comes out.

The EXPANDING HOSE is extremely lightweight and will eliminate the drudgery of using heavy, bulky conventional hoses.

new generation brand new high polyester environmental -friendly expandable hose, be able to use under the water pressure varing from 1.5bar to 6bar, anti-aging, anti-UV anti-abrasion, quality assured.

Feature : 

The hose is light

color : Blue, Green

flexible good cold

hot resistance.

Use : 

It can be used for industrial watering

lawn and garden watering

nursery water supply lines

commercial wash down

Golf course water lines

So it is the ideal auxiliary products for garden irrigation

Packing size: 26 x 28 x 8 cm

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Blue, Green

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