Amazing Shoe Rack Portable with 10 Layer Holds Approx 30 Pairs Shoes


  • Light weight and portable Easy to assembles and dis-assemble
  • Strong metal pipes and plastic parts
  • Easy to fold and store
  • it can store up to 30 Pairs of shoes.


Product description

Amazing Shoe Rack Organizer is portable and easy to assemble, it can store up to 30 Pairs of shoes. You Can Rest Assured Knowing That All Of Your Shoes Will Be Safe And Out Of The Way. This Easy To Assemble, Spacious Yet Simple Shoe Organizer Keeps Shoes And/Or Shoe boxes Organized Saves Space In Your Closet All While Maintaining A Neat And Tidy Appearance No Tools Required! Get Organized Once And For All With This Large Shoe Storage Shelf. Each Tier Can Hold Up To 10 Lbs. Assembly Easy And Assembles In Seconds Color: White. Size: 54″ H X 6.5″ W X 20″ L. Maximizes Closet Space and Organizes Shoes. Ideal For A Gift Your Loved Ones. Assembling Instructions : – You Need A Hammer OR Mallet To Assemble This Shoe Rack – Lay Part E On A Solid Surface Not On Carpet – Insert Steel Tube & Gently Tap All The Way In – Add Part E And Gently Tap So Tubes Are All Way In – Lay Part A Flat And Tap Tubes All Way In – Lay Part B Flat, Insert Tubes And Tap All The Way In – Repeat These Stpes Using The Other Part A & B – Take Note of The End Tabs On The Part C Uprights – Lay Upright Part A Flat Socket Opening Up – Insert Steel Tubes Into Sockets And Tap All Way In – Lay Flat Other Upright Socket Opening Face Up – Insert Tubes And Tap All Way In Making A “H” Frame – Insert Opposite H Frame Into Base – Tap The Connector Frame On Making Sure Tabes Are Fully Inserted – Take Care Not To Break A Tab Off of An Upright – Repeat Previous Steps To Make The Next Tier – Add Extra Tiers As Required – Now Sturdy Amazing Shoe Rack Completley Assembled.

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