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Product Description
Product name: Row hooks
Material: PP
Load-bearing: no more than 1kg (small); no more than 2kg (large);
Packing: Carton packing;
Spec.: 1 pack

How to use:
1. Wipe the wall clean, be sure to make sure that the paste surface is clean and dry, oil-free and ash-free.
2. Remove one side of the protective film of the foam glue, paste it on the groove on the back of the hook, and then tear off the protective film on the other side.
3. Paste the row hooks to the wall and press to discharge the gas.
4. After installation is complete, it is recommended to let it sit for 24 hours before use

1. This product can be pasted on tiles, glass, wood grain surfaces, etc.
2, the foam adhesive is high, it is not easy to tear off after pasting, please confirm the installation position before pasting 3, in order to ensure that the adhesive is firm, it is recommended to stand for 24 hours before use.

Product Introduction
1. Row hook, select excellent PP material, increase wall hanging storage space, easy to use, convenient and fast.
2. Two specifications are convenient to store two specifications to adapt to different storage needs The large size has 10 hooks, and the small size has 6 hooks; the size specifications are optional to adapt to different storage needs.
3. Track design, hook spacing can be adjusted freely according to demand; 3 colors, color block design, simple shape, decorate the home.
4. The weight of the small hook does not exceed 1kg, and the weight of the large hook does not exceed 2kg, which is suitable for a variety of scenes such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is not messy and tidy and tidy for daily items.
5. Simple installation, there is a gift of double-sided adhesive, tear open the adhesive paper can be installed, simple installation does not hurt the wall.

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