Wired Lint Remover 220V


YU XIN YX-5880 Pill Clipper

If your favorite things are worn out and have lost their neat appearance, the pilling machine will restore them to their original beauty. The Lint Remover YX 5880 machine has a plastic body with a comfortable handle and a small head equipped with a metal mesh. The difference between this model and analogues is the work from the electrical network.

The principle of operation of the Lint Remover YX 5880 machine for removing pellets is simple: when the head of the device touches the fabric, the stray fibers on the fabric fall into the holes of the mesh and are cut off by the sharp blades behind it. The blades rotate in a circle like a fan. This rotation creates an airflow that draws the cut fibers into the device. As a result, they fall into a special container located on the body of the device. The container of Lint Remover YX 5880 is made of transparent plastic, so you will always see how full it is with waste. If the container is 80% full, the pellet machine must be cleaned. To do this, the container must be removed and its contents poured into the trash can.

With this machine, you can not only rehabilitate your favorite clothes, but refresh the look of the sofa, armchairs, curtains, rugs and carpets. During use, it is necessary to carefully clean the fabric around zippers, seams, buttons and elements glued to clothing.

The pilling clipper can be used for all types of fabrics: cotton, knitwear, synthetics, wool, lace, carpet, etc.


  •  sizes 13 x 6 x 15H cm
  •  power supply 220 V 50 Hz
  •  power 4 W
  •  cord length 145 cm


  •  Lint Remover YX-5880
  •  protective cover
  •  cleaning brush

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