DSP KB6001 Microwave Oven 20L 1150W (44 x 28 x 25)cm

DSP KB6001 Microwave Oven 20L 1150W (44 x 28 x 25)cm

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Microwave DSP KB6001 20L, white Microwave DSP KB6001 20L is a universal household appliance that can be used in the process of cooking and heating food, as well as defrosting various ingredients and semi-finished products. The model is distinguished by its compact dimensions, functionality and good design. The volume of the DSP KB6001 20L microwave oven is 20 liters. This is enough to warm up a very large portion of food. With 6 different modes, the user can choose the most suitable option for each specific type of food. When the dish is ready, the 20L DSP KB6001 microwave oven will notify you with a sound signal. Mechanical control. In order to set a suitable time and mode, a pair of rotary knobs located on the front of the device are used. The presence of an internal illumination lamp allows you to monitor the cooking process.

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