Mattress Vacuum Cleaner with U-V Light, Vacuum Cleaner


About this item

  • This mite remover adopts UV violet light to remove mites technology, which directly penetrates mites and eggs and destroys their DNA to death. Deep mite remover gives you clean from inside to outside, creating a sleep environment without mites.
  • This mite remover uses high frequency vibration 6000 times/min to shake out household dust, dirt, dust mites and other substances without disturbing the fabric. Easy to use on pillows, sheets, mattresses, sofas, children’s toys and other fabric surfaces.
  • This mite remover can reach 7200Pa high pressure vacuum suction when it is fully charged, so that mites can be fully inhaled, and pollutants such as hair, fine dust and dust can be easily sucked away, so that bacteria have no place to escape.
  • This is a three-in-one vacuum cleaner with three modes of removing mites, vacuuming and cleaning inside the car. It is multi-purpose and can easily change the cleaning head, which is very convenient and the small corners can also be cleaned comprehensively.
  • The design of this mite remover is very humanized, with 200ml washable dust collecting cup and gun-shaped design, the center of gravity is stable, not top-heavy, wireless portable, comfortable to hold, and can be used anywhere.
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